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If you haven't picked up a Chromebook just yet, you might want to wait a little longer. Intel has just announced plans to roll out as many as 20 new Chromebooks by the latter half of this year. This new set will be thinner, lighter, more powerful and generally more diverse in terms of design. It's clear that Google is making a play for the mainstream.

I applaud any efforts to get people to buy new platforms, but in all honesty, I've yet to see a Chromebook in the wild - in fact, I don't even think I've ever even seen one in a store. Granted, I live in a small country nobody cares about, and the uptake of non-Windows platforms in desktops and laptops has always been pretty abysmal here, but you'd think you'd see more of these things.

What is the current state of Chrome OS? Owners, do you use it every day? What do you miss in a Chromebook that a traditional Linux/Windows/OS X laptop does offer?

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I still don't understand the hate on this site for chromebooks. Like you said, they are great for education and small businesses. Far simpler to maintain and faster for the same money than a windows machine. My son's school uses them, a much better use of resources than buying $600 ipads AND $1200 imacs like many schools do. I recently picked up the 14" HP model(haswell). It's fast, has a special restricted user mode for my kids and even comes with free 200MB of T-mobile 4g. I've been desperately trying to get my Dad to get a Chromebox. It's too hard to try and troubleshoot and maintain his Linux box over the phone. For $180 it has basically no competition.

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