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Nintendo's reported a staggering loss of $456 million for the past financial year. The blame is being laid squarely at its relatively young console, the Wii U. Sales have slowed significantly: Nintendo sold 2.72 million Wii Us in the last twelve months. (Running totals for the Xbox One and PS4: five and seven million, respectively). In the last quarter, only 310,000 units were sold. Meanwhile, Nintendo's handhelds continue to sell more favorably: 12 million 3DSes were sold in the last financial year, meaning there's now just shy of 43 million sold globally. It remains third consecutive year of losses for Nintendo, but CEO Iwata claims that this incoming financial year will see a return to operating profit ($394 million, he reckons) and millions more consoles sold. Then again, he said similar things last year.

It's not looking good.

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Nintendo decided to strike out for the casual gaming market rather than chase Microsoft & Sony into the Next Generation war. Sadly, they chose to do it right at the cusp where casual gaming has migrated to mobile and Facebook. Their market has disappeared. Whoops.

Yeah, and it's really not powerful enough to appease the pixel-counting whores who won't have anything to do with a system unless it has multi-colored, volumetric fog and sub-surface scattering. It's really a console with an identity crisis. It's too complicated for that the 'it's just like bowling!' Wii crowd, and not powerful enough for the pixel counters. And since there's very little 3rd party support, Nintendo has basically put their games behind a $250 paywall.

On the other hand, it currently has better games and more exclusives than either the Xbox One or PS4. (Esp if you skipped out on the Wii; there's some great Wii games out there that are currently selling for next to nothing.) You will get fantastic 1st party titles on it that you will never get on the other two consoles. Plus, the off-screen play is great for those who have a wife and/or kids that like to monopolize the TV. For this reason, I'd say the best combination this gen would be a PC (for those who want the absolute best graphics available) and a Wii U, because Nintendo is still one of the best in the biz at making games.

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