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FreeBSD "The FreeBSD operating system is finally through it's buggy 5.x series and into the more reliable 6.x series. Most of the problems of the old days - kernel panics on multi-CPU machines, AMD64 troubles galore, and shaky network drivers - are gone. FreeBSD still isn't perfect, but at least with 6.0-RELEASE it's more stable and functional than it has been in the recent past."
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RE[3]: hyperlinking
by ulib on Thu 10th Nov 2005 13:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: hyperlinking"
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"You're writing an article reviewing the latest release of FreeBSD, and yet you don't see the need to link to the page of the software you're reviewing?

I hope you're not getting paid for this crap."

FreeBSD is my favourite OS. I'm simply a user and thus I just speak for myself, but I really can't understand all these gratuitous, anonymous attacks towards the OSNews editors (they're just a handful, including other threads, but still too many in my view).

This trollish behaviour has nothing to do with the BSD community, and *especially* with the FreeBSD community. I know it well, because I've been reading BSD forums, mailing lists and chat discussions for quite a while. So, the attitude of these anonymous comments is really surprising.. definitely weird, I'd say.

That's why I've got this strange feeling.

A feeling that, since FreeBSD is gaining momentum, it's starting to bother some corporate interests gravitating around other OS's.
To make it short, I've got a feeling that somebody's trying to mess things up between FreeBSD and the press.

Maybe it's just a silly idea.. but anyway, as a humble OSNews reader, I hope to see people behave more politely and respectfully, especially around almost irrelevant issues.

Sorry for this not-minding-my-own-f**king-business thing, but I had to say it ;)

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