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It's been a while since we've done one of these, so here we go: some detailed platform and browser statistics for OSNews. They're collected using Google Analytics, between 12 April and 12 May. As always, these statistics are only relevant for OSNews, and can, in no way, be extrapolated to any other site.

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Final note
by flypig on Tue 13th May 2014 22:52 UTC
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It's an interesting list and I suspect not very representative of the wider Web!

As a final note, Sailfish OS might possibly register as Maemo; I'm not sure.

I don't know whether it's helpful (I'm not familiar with the machinations of Google Analytics) but the user-agent strings generated by Sailfish are the following:

Default browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Maemo; Linux; U; Jolla; Sailfish; Mobile; rv:29.0) Gecko/29.0 Firefox/29.0 SailfishBrowser/10

WebCat: Mozilla/5.0 (Maemo; Linux; Jolla; Sailfish; Mobile) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) NokiaBrowser/8.5.0 Mobile Safari/534.13

Perhaps these can be used to figure it out?

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