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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Despite our dislike of DRM, we have come to believe Firefox needs to provide a mechanism for people to watch DRM-controlled content. We will do so in a way that protects the interests of individual users as much as possible, given what the rest of the industry has already put into place. We have selected Adobe to provide the key functionality. Adobe has been doing this in Flash for some time, and Adobe has been building the necessary relationships with the content owners. We believe that Adobe is uniquely able to bring new value to the setting.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Don't include DRM, and see your userbase erode further. Do include DRM, and you go against your organisation's core values. If you go for the former, and your userbase erodes, you run the risk of not being able to express your core values at all.

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RE[3]: just NO
by silviucc on Thu 15th May 2014 07:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: just NO"
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Actually that is the opposite of what they say, but I see that getting on a bandwagon is something that a lot of people can't resist the urge to do.

And yes, software, of any sort is irrelevant if there's not a significant mass of people/machines/organizations making use of it.

Average Joe will try to watch netflix on his firefox browser, see that it does not work and discard it as a POS. He won't dig any further to see why netflix did not actually work...

While tech savvy people remain a minority, this kind of thing will *always* happen. Everybody caters to the needs of majorities and the majority of people does not give a shit.

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