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Linux "The Luppi worm is blazing a trail with great potential for attackers. We might learn a lot about how secure Linux systems are in the next few months. While the authors [of the worm] are clearly still feeling their way around, there's no reason to believe that this will be a real biggie. But if someone writes a well-designed 'grab bag' worm to exploit the various bugs in PHP and other products common on Linux servers, we could have a problem on our hands."
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"RE: Here is the difference!"
by netpython on Thu 10th Nov 2005 17:59 UTC
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I've had many linux machines break when I update them (gentoo , debian, linux kernel, etc) and have only had windows break on an update once.

With the distros you mentioned on the other hand i have never witnessed a patch not fully closing a security hole.I can't say that from all MS patches.

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