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Mac OS X

One side effect of the iTunes 11.2 update on Thursday, May 15th 2014 has been that some but not all Macs were seeing the /Users and /Users/Shared folders disappear.

The permissions on the /Users folder were also changed to be world-writable, so that anyone could read and write to the /Users folder.

As far as bugs go, this is a very fascinating one. Initially, people thought the OS X 10.9.3 update was the culprit, but as it turns out - it's the iTunes 11.2 update. I'm interested to (eventually) hear the root cause of all this, but for now, the linked article contains a temporary workaround.

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Sure it did. Win32 apps are scheduled preemptively, whether on NT or 9x (including Windows 95). Of course, it wasn't flawless.

The KB article describes what has to happen for preemption to break in Windows 95:

1) A 16-bit application hangs.
2) A Win32 app calls an API that is implemented in 16-bit code.

Both conditions need to be met.

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