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Mac OS X

One side effect of the iTunes 11.2 update on Thursday, May 15th 2014 has been that some but not all Macs were seeing the /Users and /Users/Shared folders disappear.

The permissions on the /Users folder were also changed to be world-writable, so that anyone could read and write to the /Users folder.

As far as bugs go, this is a very fascinating one. Initially, people thought the OS X 10.9.3 update was the culprit, but as it turns out - it's the iTunes 11.2 update. I'm interested to (eventually) hear the root cause of all this, but for now, the linked article contains a temporary workaround.

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"Didn't classic Mac OS lack preemtive multi tasking and memory protection? Event Windows 98 had that.

No Windows 98 did *not* have preemptive multitasking!

Only if you use Linus Torvalds definition* - not shared by anyone else with a clue.
The reason he called Amiga OS a non-preemtive system was because tasks could misuse the lack of protection to hinder the preemptive scheduler from doing its job.
The same is true of Windows 95 (and IIRC even using the Win32S subsystem on Windows 3.x).

However that isn't the definition the rest of the technical world uses, the lack of protection have nothing to do with the scheduler policies.

(*!original/sfnet.atk.sodat/qBJ... - it's in Finnish though)

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