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Mac OS X

One side effect of the iTunes 11.2 update on Thursday, May 15th 2014 has been that some but not all Macs were seeing the /Users and /Users/Shared folders disappear.

The permissions on the /Users folder were also changed to be world-writable, so that anyone could read and write to the /Users folder.

As far as bugs go, this is a very fascinating one. Initially, people thought the OS X 10.9.3 update was the culprit, but as it turns out - it's the iTunes 11.2 update. I'm interested to (eventually) hear the root cause of all this, but for now, the linked article contains a temporary workaround.

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Win32s processes are actually cooperatively multitasked.

Also, they run in a shared address space with other Win16 programs.

But, yeah, Torvalds saying that the only reason AmigaOS wasn't a preemptive system was because it was possible to break it seems rather narrow.

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