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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "One of the often cited reasons for not switching away from MS Windows is it's breadth of commodity hardware support. The argument often goes something like this: 'Since Windows supports all the hardware I have why would I want to risk it not working under Linux? It's better to continue to use what I know will work.' While that may be true in and of itself, I'm finding this argument to involve a limited outlook."
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device support out-of the box
by diegocg on Thu 10th Nov 2005 19:30 UTC
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Linux actually supports way more devices out-of-the box than any other OS in the world....most of the windows drivers came from 3rd party. Microsoft includes some in their install CD, but most of the new devices are supported through CD install drivers - Microsoft doesn't add new drivers in their SPs AFAIK so for new hardware you always will need your CD, whereas many linux open source drivers are integrated progessively in the main kernel, and you get support out of the box for thousand of devices.

Also, because linux has the driver source of most of their drivers, it can give you support if your company goes out of bussiness or it doesn't support your devices. As an example, most of windows hardware manufacturers are not porting their old drivers to 64 bits - even a serious company like HP has a (long) list of printers which will NOT be supported in the 64-bit windows platform. Most of the hardware manufacturers (there're exceptions) seem to be porting to 64 bit only the drivers made for new devices. Linux continues supporting them even in 64 bits, which gives linux the oportunity of supporting hardware in certain platforms that windows can't support.

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