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Now this is interesting. The WarMUp Association, the world association of MorphOS users, publishes a webzine with a whole lot of information and news about MorphOS. There's a whole lot of cool stuff in the latest issue about new software releases - low-level and user-facing - but what jumped out at me is a very detailed breakdown of MorphOS sales.

In total, 2275 MorphOS licenses were sold until 14 April, and the detailed history of sales is quite, quite interesting. This seems like a low number - and technically, it is - but considering that one, the AmigaOS scene is small enough as it is, and MorphOS is a subsection of that already small scene, and two, that it is not a cheap investment, requiring both hardware and software, I'm actually surprised they have managed to sell this many copies thus far, and that sales are clearly not slowing down.

No, it won't make any of the developers rich, but it's not bad either.

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RE[3]: No new hardware
by LaceySnr on Tue 20th May 2014 23:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No new hardware"
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The price definitely matters for hobbyists. As I said above, I've not bought the OS because for something that is definitely 'hobby only' it's somewhat expensive. The 30 minute trial (before slowdown) isn't really enough time to become familiar with the system and the fact that you need a licence per machine is also a deal-breaker for me.

If it was maybe $50, for all of your machines I'd have purchased it before now, but as it is there's no way I could justify the price for either machine since neither has full hardware support.

Pricing is always a hard thing to deal with (I sell software myself) and though I do feel that they might sell more through changing their model (at least the per-personal-machine thing) might improve their gains, I could be way off the mark. Either way I wish them all the best as even if it's not for the masses and only supports old hardware, it's always great to see the results of projects like this.

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