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Everybody's favourite not-Google search engine - DuckDuckGo - has received a complete redesign and a whole slew of new features.

Today DuckDuckGo is launching a reimagined and redesigned version that focuses on smarter answers and a more refined look. This new version adds often requested features like images, local search, auto-suggest and much more.

Compared to today's Google, it looks incredibly clean, and the new features - for once - do not get in the way of the stuff that was already there. It must be hard to redesign and add new features to a search engine that is more or less known for being the opposite of Google, but I think they have managed to pull it off.

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RE[2]: My take
by Savior on Wed 21st May 2014 08:07 UTC in reply to "RE: My take"
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I have just tried DDG, and I am not really impressed:

1. "jpype": while the first two results are OK, the third result is completely random (OSX? really?). Google also has a Pypi link* -- well, DDG has, too, just not for this project. ;) Finally, the snippet in the first hit is just boilerplate.

* Of course, trying to install Jpype with pip fails, but that is beside the point.

2. "these creatures have a one-track mind": while the main result is not bad (Wikia page vs. video on Google), the videos are completely unrelated.

To be fair, I experienced the same effect as you: now that I actually pay attention to the results, Google does not seem so great anymore, either. Maybe I should give all these alternative search engines a go.

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