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Everybody's favourite not-Google search engine - DuckDuckGo - has received a complete redesign and a whole slew of new features.

Today DuckDuckGo is launching a reimagined and redesigned version that focuses on smarter answers and a more refined look. This new version adds often requested features like images, local search, auto-suggest and much more.

Compared to today's Google, it looks incredibly clean, and the new features - for once - do not get in the way of the stuff that was already there. It must be hard to redesign and add new features to a search engine that is more or less known for being the opposite of Google, but I think they have managed to pull it off.

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RE: Eh...
by ameasures on Thu 22nd May 2014 08:31 UTC in reply to "Eh..."
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I hate the fact they are doping themselves to the gills with scripttard BS, and that their non-js version reeks of "I can haz intarnets" markup.

Do the world a favor, back the **** away from the keyboard, and take up something a bit less detail oriented like macramé.

506k of Javascript, 140k of CSS, not even counting the 40k of JSON for actual content -- to deliver 5.7k of plaintext?

Ineptitude? That's one word for it.

Web page code has long been a nightmare with the idea that it is somehow clever to blend several languages into each source file. The conclusion I reached a while back is that web pages are analogous to assembly code. Up until now, we have been crap at devising compilers for this paradigm; hence the brainpower invested into making vast quantities of detail interlock.

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