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Gnome Remember back when GNOME and KDE dominated Linux desktops? Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? Yet it was only three years ago, in April 2011, that GNOME 3 was released. Its radically redesigned interface shook up everyone. Some eagerly adopted it. Others left GNOME.

In this brief review I take a fresh look at GNOME today, as it's currently distributed in several popular Linux distributions.
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I dunno...
by deathshadow on Sun 25th May 2014 02:19 UTC
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For me Gnome 3 -- much like OSX and Windows 8, is just part of this increasing middle-finger on the part of "designers" to people who actually use desktop computers as... well... desktop computers.

Admittedly, I've never used a *nix WM that didn't feel like pathetic crippleware -- complex tasks simplified down to where you can't even perform them anymore, and the simplest of tasks that should take half a second requiring hours of Googling and dicking around on the command line to accomplish. That Gnome 3 only further dumbed down or outright removed basic functionality I have come to expect any good desktop system to have as of ~1998.

I could actually see grandma getting by ok on it, much like OSX -- but as someone who actually uses something other than the web browser and media players, Linux, OSX, and now Windows 8 feel like the developers are telling 'power users' to go plow themselves -- and it's not just OS; see the near useless state of current browsers dumbing down the UI to the worst of IE 3 Mac -- particularly the pathetic crippleware that is ChrOpera compared to REAL Opera (12).

Much of it seems to be this attitude that if less than 80% of users use a function, nobody needs it... but worse, it just seems like most of this isn't about functionality or usability, and is instead the same thing destroying website functionality: Taking graphic artists and stroking their... ego... Yeah, ego. that's the word I want to use.

The artsy fartsy bull, from the pointless animated rubbish to the goofy icons that leave you with no idea what anything does, to the massive whitespace around things to the point you are lucky if you can fit a dozen IM contacts on the screen at the same time -- all just makes things harder to use, no matter how "pretty" it is.

Form over functionality is ruining just about everything right now -- and that anyone out there is dumb enough to praise it, much less throw money or manpower at it is mind-blowing. Do we need to buy bibs for the drooling morons who've ended up in charge of these things?

But what do I know? I consider Apple products to have all the art and style of a recently sanitized hospital ward, and Windows 98 to be the pinnacle of OS UI design.(once you turn off some of the annoying crap like 'channels' and drag the taskbar where it belongs -- to the SIDE of the screen, and turn off idiocy like "group by program")

Of course, that other than LFN support, to me *nix desktops still haven't caught up to Windows 3.0 or OS/2 1.3 in terms of actual usefulness / functionality doesn't help.

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