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Apple This article discusses the changed environment since Apple first introduced the clones, what new challenges Apple faces going forward, specifically in the corporate market, and how a targeted Apple clone market could help increase OS X's market share.
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Regarding the Corporate Market
by asupcb on Thu 10th Nov 2005 20:43 UTC
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I believe the author was refering to only allowing clones into the corporate and server world. I personally don't believe that Apple needs to offer clones for that, they just need to setup a new corporate division, hire a top-notch corporate management staff and then continue and expand with their excellent server products. Also for corporate desktops they should begin selling 15" and 17" Widescreen LCD's to complement the Mac Mini in both the corporate and consumer spaces. I also think they are going to put Celeron M's in the new Mac Mini and iBooks with the Dual-Core Pentium M's (Yonah) into the Powerbooks.
All Apple needs to do to compete in the corporate world is setup a larger corporate department and maybe introduce a Mac Mini with certain lockdown features corporations like or simply build those features into all Mac Mini's and advertise that as a feature to corporations that all they need to do is turn on certain features in the software. For Power Users there would be the iMac and the PowerMac still.
Also in the server space I believe it would be intelligent for them to enter into an alliance with Red Hat and begin selling High-End Linux Servers so they can have a top to bottom server infrastructure. Mac OS for low-end to mid-range servers and Linux for the High End. I also believe this would lead to increased collaboration with the open source world on Apple's part.

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