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It's hard to explain to regular people how much technology barely works, how much the infrastructure of our lives is held together by the IT equivalent of baling wire.

Computers, and computing, are broken.

Software sucks. It really, really sucks. I have yet to meet a piece of software that didn't make me go "" several times per hour - whether it be a videogame, a browser, or an operating system.

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It is hardly rubbish.

Are you a graduate of an accredited college with an engineering degree? Is it a Masters or just a BS? If it is a Masters, do you hold a State License as an engineer? Did you pass the required exams? If not, do you therefore report at work to those men and women who do?

Your field is an interdisciplinary one that includes aspects of software engineering. And yes, you as a member of your company, would be liable for any issues especially with a medical product, which by the way must meet certain professional level qualifications in order to be approved by the FDA, right?

I work in two fields - psychology and economics. In both, I have had to follow the same professional requirements as UncleFester rightly suggests software engineering and development should now follow. I, too, find myself programming quite a bit given the nature of my work and research. I gladly would welcome greater requirements of professionalism in that field. I would take the time to achieve those added requirements. It would benefit me, my research, my university, and those whom my work helps.

The resistance to this is laughable. Everyone who disagrees dreams of becoming Gates or Jobs while no one wants to aspire to being Ritchie or Knuth. With recent severe issues like Heartbleed and eBay's security breach, with Appple wanting home automation as its next big thing, and with Microsoft wanting inside of automobiles, it far past time for the computing field to grow up passed the adolescent 'freedom' phase and into the adult professionalism phase of its evolution. Only teenagers living at home with mommy and daddy footing the bill believe what they have is 'real' freedom. ;)

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