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Apple, the company that turned digital music into a mainstream phenomenon, said on Wednesday that it was buying Beats Electronics, the rising music brand, for $3 billion, in a move that will help it play catch-up with rivals that offer subscription-based music services.

I still have no idea why Apple is buying these guys. Then again, that's probably why I'm not a billionaire.

Coincidentally, I find it highly entertaining that technically, this is now an Apple product.

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RE: Pretty simple
by leos on Thu 29th May 2014 04:06 UTC in reply to "Pretty simple"
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Or this is the start of the downfall of the company.. We know Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, they'll have a limited amount of innovation from Steve's work before they run dry.

I'm sure you realize that Steve Jobs didn't invent Apple's products. He of course had a hand in the design, but there are plenty of talented and inventive people there.

So far they've brought out a couple of uncustomizable machines which closed the harddrive/ram upgrade loopholes, which look pretty sexy, but where is it all going?

That's exactly what makes Apple successful. They make machines that just work for a large group of people, and people are willing to pay for that. A macbook is just like a Windows laptop, except it looks nice, is built well, has little polished features like a magnetic power connector and a truly useful trackpad, and doesn't come pre-loaded with crapware. Nothing revolutionary, just more polish than most other products.

There hasn't been a major announcement in a while regarding new products.

Same schedule as always. New stuff comes in the fall. WWDC in a few days will have some stuff as well (probably more software related).

I think we need to see something new in the next 24 months. Iterative improvement won't keep cutting it for much longer before the share price takes a nosedive.

This prediction has been made for 10 years now.

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