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Apple, the company that turned digital music into a mainstream phenomenon, said on Wednesday that it was buying Beats Electronics, the rising music brand, for $3 billion, in a move that will help it play catch-up with rivals that offer subscription-based music services.

I still have no idea why Apple is buying these guys. Then again, that's probably why I'm not a billionaire.

Coincidentally, I find it highly entertaining that technically, this is now an Apple product.

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RE[2]: Pretty simple
by Az4x4 on Thu 29th May 2014 17:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Pretty simple"
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..A macbook is just like a Windows laptop, except it looks nice, is built well, has little polished features..and doesn't come pre-loaded with crapware. Nothing revolutionary, just more polish than most other products..

Have no idea why Apple is buying Beats Electronics and don't really care one way or the other. But as far as a Macbook being "just like a Windows laptop, except..", I think you're close to the truth of the matter.

People buy a Mac for all the reasons you mentioned, plus the fact that OS-X offers a rock solid traditional desktop user interface that Windows 8x will never compete with. Couple that with the spit and polish a Macbook offers and you have hands down a winning combination when it comes to the Windows vs Mac battle.

The only way to improve on the Macbook experience is to do it yourself. Purchase the laptop you want then instal Linux Mint (or another favorite distro) in place of Windows. It takes less than an hour to do, provides the user with much the same experience that OS-X does, and saves the extremely steep costs involved with purchasing Apple branded hardware preloaded with OS-X.

Of course the do it yourself route is not for everyone. But for those who enjoy it the end result can be an unbeatable combination of cutting edge hardware married to a fast, secure and highly efficient Linux desktop that provides all the traditional desktop polish that Windows lost sight of at a fraction of the cost associated with a Macbook.

Just sayin'!..

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