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Microsoft has stopped providing XP users with security updates, forcing them to either upgrade to another, newer operating system, or gamble with their safety. While the latest usage figures show that a large portion of users are moving away from XP, there's still a sizable number of users who aren't - or can't.

If you're an XP user, or know some XP users, there's a trick which makes it possible to receive security updates for the aging OS for another five years - right up until April 2019.

I have a better solution. No registry hacks required!

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RE: to be honest
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 31st May 2014 21:49 UTC in reply to "to be honest"
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XP was noisy as hell. Upon first install, you were given a worthless Flash "tour" of the operating system (which you would have to skip manually with ESC) before the OS would even boot, and then when you're finally in there it would be saying there's a tour in the system tray, which you had no choice to click just to close to get it to shut up. The OS whined that there was no firewall (pre-SP2), that there was no anti-virus software installed, that it needed activation. The list goes on... it just wouldn't shut the fuck up.

On top of all that, I recall going through ridiculous amounts of time, literally running all over the OS, in every damn corner and aspect of its functionality, just to get the operating system's settings decently tolerable. This included various control panel sections, options of key programs (Explorer), changing the theme, unhiding countless things that should not be hidden in the first place, and even worse, a bunch of crap could only be fixed by digging deep into the bowels of the registry.

Needless to say none of this was fun. A time consuming pain in the ass is what Windows XP was, to get the OS to perform and function in a tolerable way.

Windows 7 has quieted this obnoxiously annoying noise down immensely, with activation being the major one that remains. It will automatically download Microsoft Security Essentials (if you let it) and leave you the hell alone about anti-virus software. A software firewall is standard. No more retarded tour.

In conclusion, XP *sucked* compared to 7. Hell, I would say it sucked even compared to Windows 98SE before it in many ways. Looking back, I thought WinME brought in nothing but junk and bloat (and instability). WinXP unfortunately brought all that junk and bloat with it, but at least (being built on the NT kernel) it did not bring the instability. That was pretty much my only reason for upgrading to it: WinME just sucked so bad, and XP was comparably much better.

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