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Microsoft has stopped providing XP users with security updates, forcing them to either upgrade to another, newer operating system, or gamble with their safety. While the latest usage figures show that a large portion of users are moving away from XP, there's still a sizable number of users who aren't - or can't.

If you're an XP user, or know some XP users, there's a trick which makes it possible to receive security updates for the aging OS for another five years - right up until April 2019.

I have a better solution. No registry hacks required!

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RE: Missing The Point
by shakeshuck on Sat 31st May 2014 23:01 UTC in reply to "Missing The Point"
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Yup, my backup server is on XP.

Win 7 won't support my tape drive, so XP stays.

I just have to remember not to browse the web from that machine. Simples.

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