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Mac OS X

Close, minimize, and maximize are now close, minimize, and full screen, eliminating the extra full-screen control and consolidating the window controls in one place. Streamlining these and other elements of the interface means you can navigate the desktop more efficiently.

OS X' idea of "maximise" was "some random window resizing nobody really used anyway", so I'm glad Apple finally replaced it with something else. Too bad OS X' fullscreen view is way too disruptive for my tastes to be of any practical use.

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While I've never really used OS X (I am a Linux guy), I was always intrigued by that green button. I knew what it supposed to do, and I knew that some apps (eg. Firefox) just didn't care and used it as a maximize feature. I kind of always wished that one of the window managers of Linux would have this feature somehow, because I was curious if I would use it.
I personally rarely every use fullscreen/maximized windows. (Full screen only for games and sometimes video, maxmized is for apps that have a complicated interface eg. Gimp, or maybe some kind of IDE.) For something like a web browser I don't really see the point of maximization, when 95% of sites work well in a ~1024 wide window. Apps with long lists (eg. a list view in a file browser, or an RSS reader or a mail app) also usually don't benefit from being as wide as my screen size.

so yeah.. weirdly enough, since as I said, I never got to use the feature I'm kind of sad now that it's getting removed. I wonder if anyone actually used it.

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