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Mac OS X

Close, minimize, and maximize are now close, minimize, and full screen, eliminating the extra full-screen control and consolidating the window controls in one place. Streamlining these and other elements of the interface means you can navigate the desktop more efficiently.

OS X' idea of "maximise" was "some random window resizing nobody really used anyway", so I'm glad Apple finally replaced it with something else. Too bad OS X' fullscreen view is way too disruptive for my tastes to be of any practical use.

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RE[2]: Spectacle
by wojtek on Tue 3rd Jun 2014 13:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Spectacle"
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Right; I completely fail to see any usefulness in those - only common thing is minimise so I'll leave it out:
- maximize/zoom - i'm a bit of control freak so I want windows to be in place where I put it, stick to that place - I dread desktop with about 5 windows that are 'zoomed' and scattered across it - I can't have access to all of them as they overlap so this sucks; when I maximize window under windows window takes whole screen (leaving controls) and sticks to that position - not with osx apps, which even zoomed to whole screen are movable (there was spotify on windows which had same issue and it didn't stick on my hard drive long); I want multiple windows at once? shure - but they either have to stick to each other or take 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 of the space and always be at correct/expectable location (spectacle helps with the latter, I'm still struggling to find sticky-windows replacement) - I still have access to all apps and they don't overlap making them miserably useless;
- closing window - it was confusing at first but I got hold of it (using cmd+q quite a lot); what's the point of keeping and app in the background without any purpose... I stop working with document I close it and don't need word processor sitting in the background taking memory because-of-the-reason (yes, automatic memory management is retarded as well). And this also bite-me-in-the-arse with firefox and restoring closed tabs as, hooray, closing the window closed the window - not the browser, so after clicking on the dock I didn't have previous session but rather empty window as firefox didn't restart - merely opened new window... argh!)

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