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Interesting and detailed review of the OnePlus One by AndroidCentral, but this paragraph stood out to me:

Even with all of the right decisions made here, this isn't revolutionary hardware design. There's no two-tone camera flash, fingerprint scanner, ultra-high resolution display, waterproofing, dedicated two-stage camera key, massive camera sensor, front-facing speakers, heart rate sensor, back buttons or anything of the sort. The OnePlus One is just a phone, basically shaped like every other phone and with absolutely no design flair or features to set it apart from other devices.

In my view, it's exactly this lack of "design flair and features" that sets it apart from the competition. There's no fake leather, no fake metal backplate, nu buttons on the back, no super-sized gimmicky protruding camera sensors, useless fingerprint scanners, double camera sensors, heart rate monitors, flair guns, flamethrowers, fishing poles, and god knows what else the established players shove into and onto phones these days.

It's a minimalist device focused almost entirely on a smartphone's most important aspect - its display. And it's exactly this minimalism that makes it stand our from the pack.

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RE: Useless fingerprint scanner?
by frood on Fri 6th Jun 2014 13:15 UTC in reply to "Useless fingerprint scanner?"
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I agree that there are many useless features, mostly software features, on phones today. But the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S is not one of them. I really miss it on the iPad.

It's the reason I migrated from Android to a 5s. As times gone on and I play around with my phone less and less, the fingerprint scanner stuck out as a genuinely useful new feature. I've always hated unlocking my phone. Especially when you use it as an XBMC remote, etc.

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