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Xfce Over the past several years, mobile devices have greatly influenced user interfaces. That's great for handheld users but leaves those of us who rely on laptops and desktops in the lurch. Windows 8, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME have all radically changed in ways that leave personal computer users scratching their heads.

One user interface completely avoided this controversy: Xfce. This review takes a quick look at Xfce today. Who is this product for? Who should pass it by?
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oss desktop is dead?
by project_2501 on Sat 7th Jun 2014 12:48 UTC
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I hate to say this but after years of hope that an old desktop would become functional stable and popular.. I now think the game is over.

The need for a desktop has diminished. More apps / services are accessible with a wider range of clients .. IPads Chromebooks android phones...

The role of the desktop is now to simply provide access to those apps... And take care of things like power peripherals

I exaggerate but not by much.

This is why many many OSS people use the best hardware and desktop combination to get on with working coding painting... There are very few Linux specific apps anymore and so the need to get the desktop working flawlessly is not so urgent. Apple macbook air ... And you're done.

And virtualization of course further killed the need for a Linux desktop.

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