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Xfce Over the past several years, mobile devices have greatly influenced user interfaces. That's great for handheld users but leaves those of us who rely on laptops and desktops in the lurch. Windows 8, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME have all radically changed in ways that leave personal computer users scratching their heads.

One user interface completely avoided this controversy: Xfce. This review takes a quick look at Xfce today. Who is this product for? Who should pass it by?
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Some of us consider "traditional" to be SunView or Indigo Magic Desktop (SGI), which, hello, look nothing like Windows 95.

To me, the Windows95 interface is about as alien as it gets as I've never had to use one for any length of time.

While I like Win'95 for gaming I always preferred Program Manager over Start menu. Maybe because dos installers don't create start shortcuts anyway.

From this perspective it's Ubuntu Unity that went back to the roots, as it's very similar to Amiga Workbench 3.x, NeXT and older MacOS. I like that inspirations and a fact that a commercial Linux desktop developers saw something outside Windows world. Something that free OSS devs from KDE and older Gnome sadly didn't realize.

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