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It's a holiday in The Netherlands today, so I'm a bit late with this, but Jolla has released another Sailfish update today, and it's a big one. The headline feature of the new update is that it enables the phone's 4G support for all countries. So, if you have 4G, your Jolla phone will now use it. The hardware was obviously available from the beginning, but it was never enabled until now.

Aside from 4G, this update packs a whole lot more - most importantly, it fixes a major annoyance with the Sailfish browser. The browser did not keep its tab contents in memory, so each time you switched to a tab, the page had to be reloaded. This has now been addressed, and tabs stay in memory properly.

These are just two of the many, many improvements, new features, and bug fixes in this update. Us Sailfish users know where to get it.

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Very bad customer service at Jolla
by AmixG5 on Tue 10th Jun 2014 06:52 UTC
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When it comes to software and phone. Jolla is excellent! But when it comes to customer service and helping. Jolla is sort of the worst company ever.

If your Jolla phone breaks:
- Need to send it to Finland if your outside of Finland
- They recommend expensive sendings
- Repairing of screen costs 200,- Euro!!! for something that is obvious a Jolla mobile issue. The whole sceen sudden cracked without mine hitting the ground etc!

I am writing lots about Jolla on my site, but since the full release. My phone have become less stable. I hope this fix fixes:

- Gallery that jumps back to camera mode out of sudden
- Sometimes calls cant be taken
- Settings doesn't have quick WiFI switch like before
- Charging sometimes doesn't allow the device to boot

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