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Xfce Over the past several years, mobile devices have greatly influenced user interfaces. That's great for handheld users but leaves those of us who rely on laptops and desktops in the lurch. Windows 8, Ubuntu Unity, and GNOME have all radically changed in ways that leave personal computer users scratching their heads.

One user interface completely avoided this controversy: Xfce. This review takes a quick look at Xfce today. Who is this product for? Who should pass it by?
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You seem really ignorant of how Linux development works. All your criticisms would apply if Linux were a corporate project with top down control.

But Linux isn't.

I'm well aware of the development model used by Linux. News flash, it's exactly that model that I'm criticizing. You fail to see the big picture, simply because you want to view the *nix ecosystem as the Linux ecosystem. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about every other *nix that lives in this environment? You want to complain about the other *nix derivatives, as if Linux isn't the newcomer. People like you want to change stander *nix software to suit Linux, as if that software didn't exist long before Linux. Here's the meat & potatoes of the matter -Linux's crappy development process poison's the well for everyone else!

In fact, you seem to think that waterfall development model is either in use, or should be in use, with Linux.

I'm saying that people who can't properly design subsystems have no business writing code.

You're right that it isn't rocket science. Because to build rockets, you have top down control of every aspect of designing and building a rocket. Large, open source, software systems are not built like that, and your rant shows you to be completely ignorant of these matters.

First, rocket science isn't about building rockets, it's about understanding & designing rockets. The people who could be considered rocket scientist don't normally build the rockets themselves -I should know, I spent a large bulk of my career maintaining rockets & missiles. Even for the ones who do build rockets, the most important part is the understanding what you're trying to accomplish & actually using a design process to achieve that goal. In addition, the Linux way of development isn't the only way to develop software -if you've been around for longer than a decade, then you'd already know this. The fact that I've been contrasting Linux's way with the BSD way shows that I know exactly what I'm talking about. Now, you just said that open source development doesn't work that way. But I know of 3 BSDs who's development model, in fact, DOES work that way. What exactly do you think we've been talking about this whole time??? You're constantly trying to call people ignorant, while prominently displaying your ignorance.

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