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Internet & Networking Over a year ago we reported on the promising gaim-vv which was supposed to bring MSN/Y! webcam and voice support to Gaim, a feature sorely missed by many IM users today when running Linux. The lead developer of the gaim-vv project now says that the Gaim project leader (now employed by Google) has killed off most of his pending CVS patches and has instead replaced them with voice-only patches, patches coming from Google which are only to be used with the Google IM protocol, leaving all other voice and all video protocols in dissarray. Update: The other side has spoken explaining the situation, but unfortunately it says nothing about webcam support for now or in the future, but only about voice.
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by diegocg on Fri 11th Nov 2005 01:23 UTC
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Since the developer was hired by google, I guess you could expect he (as a open source developer) gives preference to the things he know better and will work to add webcam later? I want to hear both sides, I _very much_ doubt google and that developer has any interest in delaying a feature which everyone want...maybe -vv voice support is crappy and he thinks he can do it better? (though -vv seems to have a better design from the post)

Anyway, just for those who may need an OSS IM program with webcam suport, kopete CVS has webcam support for msn at least, will be available in kde 3.5...

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