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I am taking the plunge and moving from an iPhone to an Android device. I've been waiting a long time for Android to get to the point that it was fast and responsive enough, with a big enough application warehouse, wide enough support, and a smooth enough experience, to support me. Android is maturing with a consistent, system-wide look-and-feel, almost every major service now has an Android app as the counterpart to its iOS-first experience, and has a bright future with wearables, home automation, and more.

I certainly won't be the first person to change ecosystems entirely. Several have done it before, some looking for change or claim freedom, some aiming to save money, some because someone prompted them, some think they may be conforming by going with the ever-stylish Apple. I am doing it for this reason: for me, Android is now a better platform than iOS.

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RE: poor choice
by WorknMan on Fri 13th Jun 2014 01:37 UTC in reply to "poor choice"
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I have a Nexus 4 as my main phone, but used iOS for about 5 years prior (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4) and would probably go back to iOS with my next phone because even stock Android on a Nexus device is flakey. Only today, stock camera app crashed taking a picture and rebooted the OS, and this is running 4.4.

You must've gotten a lemon then. My Nexus 4 has only spontaneously rebooted once (that I know of) in the nearly 2 years I have had it, and the camera app has never crashed. It's a HELL of a lot more stable than the iPhone 5s that I have through work. If you think that iOS is really that rock solid since v7, you need to do some research.

The two things that irritate the SHIT out of me about the 5s that probably won't be addressed in the next hardware/software update are:

1. No LED light (once you've gotten a taste of dynamic notifications, it's hard to go back to turning on your phone every time you want to check for new notifications)
2. No custom alert sounds in most 3rd party apps. (Really, Apple... WTF?)

As for the article itself, when the first thing the guy started bitching about was the icons, I'd have bet $100 that he got an HTC One for an Android phone, and the article confirmed it later on. iTards tend to be attracted to cosmetics and shiny things, so that wasn't a big surprise.

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