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I am taking the plunge and moving from an iPhone to an Android device. I've been waiting a long time for Android to get to the point that it was fast and responsive enough, with a big enough application warehouse, wide enough support, and a smooth enough experience, to support me. Android is maturing with a consistent, system-wide look-and-feel, almost every major service now has an Android app as the counterpart to its iOS-first experience, and has a bright future with wearables, home automation, and more.

I certainly won't be the first person to change ecosystems entirely. Several have done it before, some looking for change or claim freedom, some aiming to save money, some because someone prompted them, some think they may be conforming by going with the ever-stylish Apple. I am doing it for this reason: for me, Android is now a better platform than iOS.

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RE[2]: poor choice
by darknexus on Sat 14th Jun 2014 06:07 UTC in reply to "RE: poor choice"
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Gotta agree. I was recently playing with a Nexus 10 we have at work. On paper, the thing is more powerful than an iPad (at least pre-Air). Even with 4.4 the experience still sucks on it though. Returning to the home screen often flashes black for a split second before it can manage to load the wallpaper and icons. UI is laggier than iOS, Chrome quite unstable watching videos and often crashed. No thanks.

You had a better experience than I did with my Nexus 7. The bloody screen didn't last four months before it cracked. I didn't treat it badly, in fact I had put it down on my desk, walked away from it, and came back and the screen was cracked. No one entered or left the room where I was in that time. My guess is it was a tiny crack that had been there (a flawed device from the start) and it finally gave out. Worse than that, neither Google nor Asus will help me without paying about as much as a new tablet would cost, and they were rude on top of that. They won't even sell me a replacement screen and digitizer which I'm quite capable of installing myself. The after-market replacements have shitty multi-touch support, and the only way to get one is to buy a broken N7 at about half the cost of a new one. I'm not paying $100 US for something broken, thanks.
iPad on the other hand? Going strong for over a year. Not a single problem and, if there was, I'd not get a brush-off from Apple. True it would cost something to get it fixed as the warranty has expired, but they are at least willing to listen to the problem before outright blaming me and hanging up. That's one thing I will give to Apple, top-notch customer service at least for English speakers. I don't know how they are in other languages... might be a fun way to practice my language skills to call Apple in Sweden. ;)

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