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A list of hundreds of patents that Microsoft believes entitle it to royalties over Android phones, and perhaps smartphones in general, has been published on a Chinese language website.

The patents Microsoft plans to wield against Android describe a range of technologies. They include lots of technologies developed at Microsoft, as well as patents that Microsoft acquired by participating in the Rockstar Consortium, which spent $4.5 billion on patents that were auctioned off after the Nortel bankruptcy.

These are the secret patents Microsoft's patent mafia uses as a club to beat other companies into paying protection money.

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RE[3]: Well...
by Yamin on Mon 16th Jun 2014 15:27 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Well..."
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I don't really see that being the case.

Big companies today don't just buy up firms for IP. They buy them for the user-base, for the work to complete the product, for the workers...

Even today, many smaller firms go into business with the express purpose of being bought out. I don't see how that would change in the future. Building a new product is a big risk for a big company.

If you have a small company who has already done the work and gotten users, you just buy them out.

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