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To prevent any more of Android's past from being lost to the annals of history, we did what needed to be done. This is 20+ versions of Android, seven devices, and lots and lots of screenshots cobbled together in one space. This is The History of Android, from the very first public builds to the newest version of KitKat.

Very detailed, and a fun read.

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Rose Colored Glasses?
by jburnett on Mon 16th Jun 2014 17:27 UTC
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Looking back on this makes me kinda miss my old Gingerbread based phone. Not the terrible battery life, or the painfully slow networking (Sprint I hate you so much). The often large amount of lag between pressing a button and seeing a response wasn't any fun. Nor do I miss firing up Angry Birds not to play, but merely to hold in my hands to keep them warm (often too warm) in the snow.

But despite the hardware limitations, so much of the interface just seemed to work better back then. Also, it was much more fun. Today's interfaces take themselves way too seriously.

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