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Why in the world is Microsoft (through an agency) trying pay bloggers to write about Internet Explorer? Do people still do this? And given my position on paid posts, why would they think I'd be willing to participate?

This is just layers of stupid.

Yes, people still do this. It's always hard to prove, but when you see the same (sometimes word-for-word) pro-Apple, pro-Microsoft, or pro-Google comments show up on multiple sites from different users in a timespan of a few hours or days, you know the coffee ain't pure.

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RE: Comment by SWC01
by phoehne on Wed 18th Jun 2014 13:10 UTC in reply to "Comment by SWC01"
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I agree totally. Microsoft makes the best browsers on the planet. I weep with joy at every update our dear leader... I mean our inspiring operating system provides us.

P.S. For anyone at Microsoft Accounts Payable... I accept bit coins as well as cash.

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