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Why in the world is Microsoft (through an agency) trying pay bloggers to write about Internet Explorer? Do people still do this? And given my position on paid posts, why would they think I'd be willing to participate?

This is just layers of stupid.

Yes, people still do this. It's always hard to prove, but when you see the same (sometimes word-for-word) pro-Apple, pro-Microsoft, or pro-Google comments show up on multiple sites from different users in a timespan of a few hours or days, you know the coffee ain't pure.

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RE: Negative posts too?
by phoehne on Wed 18th Jun 2014 14:46 UTC in reply to "Negative posts too?"
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thumbs up. I thought I heard something about that related to Samsung and other phone maker, where someone was getting paid to trash the others' products. But yeah, sometimes when you read the negative comments, you begin to think some people may not be firing on all 8 cylinders.

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