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Ever since we first saw ART appear alongside the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, we all knew that it would eventually replace the aging and relatively inefficient Dalvik runtime compiler. Well folks, the time is now upon us, as commits made late last night to the AOSP master branch show Dalvik getting the axe and ART being set as the default.

Should deliver some decent performance improvements. I tried switching to ART months ago but ran into problems with some applications not working properly. Has the situation improved? Are any of you using ART?

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Automatic garbage collection does not slow things down. You need to collect garbage, which you can do:

1. Manually. Programmers can't be trusted to do that, very hard in case of cyclic references.

2. Reference counting: big overhead.

3. Automatic, best method, but requires a good gc, ideally something that has a multi-generation heap, can compact the heap, and can run concurrently without pauses.

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