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I gave a talk in 2007 that explained 8088 Corruption in detail, and in that talk I explained that displaying FMV using CGA in graphics mode would be impossible. This is because CGA graphics mode uses 8x the amount of video memory that 8088 Corruption was handling. Even a simple calculation assuming 24fps video reveals that the amount of data needing to be updated per second (24fps * 16KB = 384KB/s) is outside of the IBM PC's capability: CGA RAM can only be changed at a rate of 240KB/s, and most hard drives of the era operate at roughly 90KB/s. It sure felt impossible, so that's why I said it.

Then I thought about the problem for 7 years.

This is amazing. I also have no idea under which category to file this, but I settled for this one.

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But that was not basic graphics programming in the 8088 days. Back then, we still had computers that hooked up to TVs, and that /was/ a whole screen refresh, such as TVs still do to this day. So to be in the mindset that a full screen refresh was needed isn't such a farfetched thing.

Still, a neat read.

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