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BlackBerry is preparing to release what may be its weirdest smartphone ever. This year it's already launched the Z3, and soon that will be joined by the BlackBerry Classic - an obvious throwback to the company's glory days. But there's another product making its way through the pipeline as well, and it's a lot more blocky. BlackBerry is calling its third phone planned for fiscal year 2015 the Passport. We've never seen anything quite like it, and we'll let you decide whether that's a good or bad thing.

You know what? I kind of like this thing. It's crazy, unconventional, and it certainly has charm. I'm very curious if I will ever manage to get to handle one - I have yet to even see a BlackBerry 10 device to begin with, sadly.

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RE: Full circle
by thegman on Mon 23rd Jun 2014 02:55 UTC in reply to "Full circle"
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I often say that my Android phone is really good at being a small computer, but it really is terrible at being a phone.

This really is it. For a tablet, Android is my first choice, not without reservations, but if I want a keyboard, stylus, other things like AIDE, then it's the only game in town if you want real flexibility. Windows 8 is getting there, but it's still a bit limited. I do vastly prefer Visual Studio to Eclipse though.

For phones though, Android has become my last choice. I don't need flexibility in a smartphone, I need good texting, email, maybe maps, little bit of web. For that I find my BlackBerry Q10 is a class above what I've had before. The OS is nice, but nothing ground breaking, but the hardware, with a QWERTY keyboard is irreplaceable.

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