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In the latest contest, not only did Linux dominate, but Linux showed that is slowly pushing out all its competitors. In the June 2014 Top 500 supercomputer list, the top open-source operating system set a new high with 485 systems out of the fastest 500 running Linux. In other words 97 percent of the fastest computers in the world are based on Linux.

With numbers like this, it's easy to forget that this project started with the words "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu".

This hobby now dominates almost every field of computing - from mobile to supercomputing.

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RE[4]: Congrats!
by ilovebeer on Thu 26th Jun 2014 16:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Congrats!"
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80% of the smartphone market, near 100% smartwatch, 50% tablet, 70% server, 97% supercomputer, etc. etc. - Linux certainly seems to have a solid and growing market share or installed base pretty much everywhere I look except desktops/laptops.

Propaganda would imply I have some stake in the outcome. That's pretty funny. What do you imagine that would be?

Linux does have a solid and growing market share in those areas. But, that's not what you originally said. And your stake may be as simple as wanting to see Linux succeed, or wanting to see Microsoft fail.

Of course I did.

If you are unaware of the Steam Machine, which is certainly not a low end gaming platform, you can read about it at

If you're confusing "premium" with "successful", try e.g., Premium actually means "at a value or price higher than normal". The Steam Machines announced thus far are priced from $499 to over $2500; I would consider "normal" to be a PS4 or XBox One, which start around $399.

So yes, the Steam Machine is a premium platform. Perhaps you can clarify what you find so hilarious?

I'm not confused about anything - certainly not about claiming Linux to be a "premium gaming platform" as silly. All your going on about Steam Machines refers to hardware only. But Linux isn't hardware, and it's not exactly a secret that Linux gaming is less than great to put it mildly. Seems that you fell victim to Valve's SteamOS propaganda referring to Linux as gamings next biggest thing. That's a future some might hope for, but it's not reality today and isn't forseeable that it will ever be.

Further, before you get yourself too worked up over "Steam Machines", you should know that Alienware, one of its biggest supporters, just announced they dumped SteamOS/Linux in favor of Windows.

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