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Google CEO Larry Page on privacy issues:

I'm not trying to minimize the issues. For me, I'm so excited about the possibilities to improve things for people, my worry would be the opposite. We get so worried about these things that we don't get the benefits. I think that's what's happened in health care. We've decided, through regulation largely, that data is so locked up that it can't be used to benefit people very well.

Right now we don't data-mine health care data. If we did we'd probably save 100,000 lives next year. I'm very worried that the media and governments will try to stoke the people's fears and we'll end up in a state where we could benefit a lot of people but we re not able to do that. That's the likely outcome.

The problem is not that people aren't open to the possible benefits from information gleamed from large piles of data. No, the problem is that both governments and companies alike have a history of abusing and/or leaking this data. In other words, the people's skepticism is entirely the industry's own fault.

Introspection, Mr. Page.

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RE[3]: Health care
by maccouch on Fri 27th Jun 2014 08:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Health care"
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So if something has been done badly historically, let's never try anything ever.

"so if i chopped off 9 of my fingers playing Five Finger Fillet with a broad axe, why not try it again. i'm sure nothing wrong will come out of it as we shouldn't learn from the mistakes we once made..."

alternatively, if something has been done historically and it went "badly", yes it's a really, really!!, great clue that you shouldn't do it again unless you've actually understood what went wrong before, why it went wrong and you managed to address the cause of why it went wrong.

hint: we haven't managed to address human corruption, greed, careleness and usage of blackmail as a weapon for nefarious purposes...

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