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In the latest contest, not only did Linux dominate, but Linux showed that is slowly pushing out all its competitors. In the June 2014 Top 500 supercomputer list, the top open-source operating system set a new high with 485 systems out of the fastest 500 running Linux. In other words 97 percent of the fastest computers in the world are based on Linux.

With numbers like this, it's easy to forget that this project started with the words "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu".

This hobby now dominates almost every field of computing - from mobile to supercomputing.

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RE[6]: Congrats!
by ilovebeer on Fri 27th Jun 2014 18:38 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Congrats!"
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What I actually said was "Steam famously targeted Linux as a premium gaming platform a couple of years back". They did, and I showed that. No idea who made the statement against which you're trying to argue.

When you use someone elses words/actions as an example in support of a point you're trying to make, you are effectively agreeing with those words/actions. In this case the claim, which you use to support your idea of Linux domination, amounts to nothing more than propaganda ultimately designed to sell products & services.

Linux is about as premium of a gaming platform as it is as a desktop platform. In other words, people make the claim but it's pretty far from what you see in reality.

'According to [Alienware general manager Frank] Azor, "Valve has a lot more control developing SteamOS, ensuring it's singularly focused with one use model. That's why it's a very important initiative for us, and one we're still fully supporting as soon as it's ready."' (emphasis added)


Two swings and a miss. Care to try again? ;-)

The article I read didn't include the quote that they still intend to support SteamOS so I'll give you that one. My other points however are solid, which is why no credible evidence has been presented to the contrary.

I'd also like to caution you not to rely so much on quotes, announcements, press releases, and likewise. The rubber only meets the road when what you see in reality matches what you've heard. Simply making claims & comments doesn't make the contents truth or fact. In other words, take what you hear with a grain of salt until there's actual real world evidence to back it up.

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