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In the latest contest, not only did Linux dominate, but Linux showed that is slowly pushing out all its competitors. In the June 2014 Top 500 supercomputer list, the top open-source operating system set a new high with 485 systems out of the fastest 500 running Linux. In other words 97 percent of the fastest computers in the world are based on Linux.

With numbers like this, it's easy to forget that this project started with the words "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu".

This hobby now dominates almost every field of computing - from mobile to supercomputing.

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RE[8]: Congrats!
by ilovebeer on Sat 28th Jun 2014 02:38 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Congrats!"
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Steam selected Linux as the basis of a new, multi-vendor line of premium gaming systems (you remember, $499 to $2500ish?) that launches next year - I think you've finally conceded that, right?

There's nothing to concede. Valve choosing Linux as the base for SteamOS was never in question. It's the claim that Linux is a premium gaming platform that's silly. Remember, we're talking about Linux here - not hardware. It doesn't matter what hardware Linux is running on, Linux itself is absolutely not a premium gaming platform. The market, the Linux devs, and the game makers are all in agreement with that. Linux, via SteamOS, has an incredibly difficult mountain to climb before it will ever be remotely close to a premium gaming platform.

You're now asserting that by using that action as an example that Linux "hasn't dominated all [product categories of real-time] quite yet", then I must therefore "agree with that action"?

Let's cut right to the chase... Do you agree or disagree with Valve that Linux is a "premium gaming platform". If you agree, please provide supporting evidence that demonstrates how Linux has earned & justified such a title.

Linux is great at certain things but being a great platform for gaming is not one of them. Not by a long shot.

Well, while I can't follow your logic, I do in fact think that Steam's decision to base the upcoming Steam Machines on a Linux-based OS was a good move in the long run, and the support they've received from multiple vendors and the extensive press coverage thus far seems to support that - IMHO, of course.

If SteamOS ever becomes a success, then I may agree that it was a good move in the long run. But so far the Linux gaming track record is less than stellar to be polite. All the press coverage, press releases, and PR amounts to nothing unless something tangible follows. We'll see.

As to whether Linux can gain a significant portion of the premium gaming market, I am as always content to let the market decide. It's been very kind to my favorite kernel this past decade. :-)

Linux isn't new, it has a track record in this area. I expect Linux will take gaming by storm the same way it has taken the desktop by storm. In other words, based on everything I've experienced thus far, I'm not holding my breath.

Have yourself a great weekend!

Thanks and you as well!

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