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In the latest contest, not only did Linux dominate, but Linux showed that is slowly pushing out all its competitors. In the June 2014 Top 500 supercomputer list, the top open-source operating system set a new high with 485 systems out of the fastest 500 running Linux. In other words 97 percent of the fastest computers in the world are based on Linux.

With numbers like this, it's easy to forget that this project started with the words "just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu".

This hobby now dominates almost every field of computing - from mobile to supercomputing.

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RE[10]: Congrats!
by ilovebeer on Sun 29th Jun 2014 07:50 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Congrats!"
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I'm not sure why you're back to talking about hardware. Linux is not hardware. When you describe Linux as a "premium gaming platform", you are talking about Linux, not the hardware with which Linux is running on. You are describing the kernel and its subsystems -- the software itself. That is what Linux consists of. Again, Linux is not and does not describe hardware.

If I say `Windows is a premium gaming platform`, do you think I'm describing Windows itself, or the sum of all the components that the computer running Windows consists of?

So, the issue is not redefining meanings of words (which nobody is doing), or confusion about what words mean (which nobody is), etc. The root here seems to be you originally referred to X but were actually trying to describe Y.

It's pointless to go in circles over this so I recommend we let the numbers decide what Linux is to the gaming world. We all know Windows absolutely dominates gaming, while Linux is hardly on the map (if you can even say it is at all). Linux-based SteamOS has no showing what-so-ever at this point. Further, there's no reason to believe Linux gaming (in any form) will ever become anything significant, much less actually dominate gaming. Saying Linux doesn't quite yet dominate gaming is like say the teenager working the McDonalds drive-thru isn't quite yet a millionaire.

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