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And this is the second part of the future of KDE. We already covered part one.

This is the second half of the 'where KDE is going' write-up. Last week, I discussed what is happening with KDE's technologies: Platform is turning modular in Frameworks, Plasma is moving to new technologies and the Applications change their release schedule. In this post, I will discuss the social and organizational aspects: our governance.

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I tried the latest beta (The oficial one) and was crashing all over the place,

You are aware of the definition of "beta" when applied to software, right?

Well, for KDE that goes double.

Ready for testing, not production

As a Beta release, this pre-release is not suitable for production use. It is meant as a base for testing and gathering feedback to ensure that the initial stable release of Plasma 5 in July will be a smooth ride for everybody involved and lay a stable foundation for future versions. Plasma 5 is intended for end users, but will not provide feature parity with the latest 4.x release, which will come in follow-up version.

Known issues

Stability is not yet up to the level where the developers want Plasma 5. With a substantial new toolkit stack below come exciting new crashes and problems that need time to be shaken out.
Performance of Plasma 5 is heavily dependent on specific hardware and software configurations and usage patterns. While it has great potential, it takes time to wrangle this out of it and the underlying stack is not entirely ready for this either. In some scenarios, Plasma 5 will display the buttery smooth performance it is capable off - while at other times, it will be hampered by various shortcomings. These can and will be addressed, however, much is dependent on components like Qt, Mesa and hardware drivers lower in the stack. Again, this will need time, as fixes made elsewhere in the software stack might be released by the time the first Plasma 5 version becomes available.

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