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Google didn't spend enough time on Material Design during the keynote. We saw a beautiful video and learned a little bit about the intent and thought behind Google's new cross-platform look (which we actually saw a bit earlier than anticipated), but there's so much more to be said. Having attended as many design sessions as possible during I/O, I think it's worth taking a somewhat closer look at Material Design. In this post we'll attempt to scratch a little bit deeper into what Material means, why it's awesome, and why it's a forward-looking move for Google.

I personally really like this new design direction, but the big question is going to be whether or not third party developers will embrace it. I still see non-Holo applications today, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

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RE: Really?
by Radio on Thu 3rd Jul 2014 20:07 UTC in reply to "Really?"
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If this bullshit effects battery life or performance in any way, it'll be the first thing that gets disabled by me, if they give users the option to do so.
If you had looked around you would have seen that boh battery life and performance are improved in the L release.

Oh well, somebody who thinks that:
IMO, even Jellybean looked fine.
might be visually impaired anyway :-P

Instead of redesigning the UI yet again, how about going back and adding some 'v1.0' functionality, such as the ability to block calls and SMS messages?
I have had local SIM cards in France, Switzerland and South Africa and never had any felt any need for that supposedly "v1.0"feature. Are you, by any chance, American, and thus bugged by telemarketers and political robocalling? That's your problem, not Android's.

Even iOS has this feature.
Pushing even further the status of the iPhone as the poster "galapagos phone" of the USA.

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