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NetBSD Apache httpd is full of features and abilities, but sometimes it's too heavy for simple sites or static pages. In some cases, a simpler, lighter web server is a good alternative (or addition). Julio M. Merino Vidal demonstrates how to install and configure the simple, fast, and powerful thttpd to serve simple static and generated content very quickly.
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Nice article
by ulib on Fri 11th Nov 2005 10:37 UTC
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Very cool article, minimal solutions are great! They're both functional *and* aesthetically pleasant. ;)
I was considering something like that for my home server, but actually I was thinking of lighttpd as web server - while keeping NetBSD as the OS choice.
Anyway, from what I'm reading, the choice among Apache, thttpd and lighttpd purely depends on the scenario, since each one of them has its strong points (it sounds like commonplace, but if you search the net for use cases and benchmarks it's exactly like that).

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