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Accessibility is something that seldom gets the attention it deserves. Most of us go about our day without ever wondering how accessible an iPhone or iPad or Mac is to the blind or the deaf, to those with autism or motor disfunction, or how accessible the apps that run on them are. Yet there are people who do care deeply about accessibility. Those who need iPhones and iPads and Macs to be ever-more accessible, of course, and those working to make iPhone and iPads and Macs ever-more accessible. Among technology companies, Apple does a tremendous job not only implementing accessibility, but promoting it and prioritizing it as well. And it starts at the very top.

An area where Apple leads. It might not be an area that's considered very sexy or flashy, but it's hugely important for large numbers of people.

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Europe vs USA
by hobgoblin on Thu 10th Jul 2014 21:58 UTC
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Any time this comes up i am reminded of the difference that i ran into with the tech news from Europe vs from USA.

The tech news from Europe was overwhelmingly about helping people, with disabilities or otherwise, live a better life. Automated garbage cans and whatsnot.

The stuff out of USA was more about self-aggrandizement. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all kinds of services and products for going "me me me!".

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