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Great keyboards are in our DNA. With BlackBerry Passport, we set out to create a smartphone that would break some cherished rules in order to set a new bar for real productivity. In particular, BlackBerry Passport's keyboard will show there is an easier way to do more.

This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to see from BlackBerry: instead of trying to copy everyone else and build yet another black glass slab, they should build on their strength and go from there. The Passport looks to be exactly that. I have no idea if anyone cares or if it's too late, but I love this thing.

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Comment by nagerst
by nagerst on Fri 11th Jul 2014 23:34 UTC
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Nothing to this day is faster or better than the M series when i type. My kbd has been with me since 1983, i would not change for almost anything.

It is just amazingly great for mu usage.

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