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If you think only Apple, Google, Intel, and several other technology companies flagrantly broke the law by illegally robbing their employees of wages - think again. As it turns out, the digital animation industry - centering around Steve Jobs' Pixar, unsurprisingly - was just as bad.

[Pixar's] Catmull's deposition and emails from the lawsuit confirm that he was instrumental in operating a secret wage-theft cartel that violated the Sherman Antitrust Act. But it's even worse than you think. The cartel orchestrated in large part by Catmull robbed potential wages and job opportunities from thousands of animation industry workers at other studios, including DreamWorks, Lucasfilm, Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers, the now-defunct Orphanage, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Pando Daily has the meat on this story (here and here).

The wage fixing scandal is way, way more sprawling than anyone could have originally anticipated. The sad thing is that the criminals behind this illegal behaviour - Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, George Lucas, Ed Catmull, and many, many more - will never have to face any serious consequences for their crimes.

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double standards
by project_2501 on Sat 12th Jul 2014 13:24 UTC
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Reminds new of the all to common news here in the UK.

If a single parent mother struggling to fwd her children is caught stealing a chocolate bar she is brutality thrown in a police car, paraded in front of cameras, serves jail time and has her children taken into care. For stealing a chocolate bar worth 60 pence. Or 50 cents.

If an executive steals money by fixing salaries, manipulating financial instruments or obfuscating tax to the the of millions of pounds/dollars... He is slapped on the wrist.

Both are crimes.
But something is at play here where one kind is somehow less bad?

In the UK we had yet more politicians' expenses scandals. To the tune of thousands per person. Yet no jail time. No rough handling in cuffs on camera?

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