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Microsoft has disabled an option to set Google as the default search engine on its latest Lumia Windows Phones. The option is currently supported on the majority of Nokia's Lumia devices, thanks to an advanced setting in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.0. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business in April, and the company's first handsets, the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930, are shipping without the option on Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft has never allowed Windows Phone users to alter the physical search button behavior, which defaults to Bing, but Internet Explorer users could enable the setting to use the address bar to search within Google instead of manually navigating to the search engine or using the Bing default.

Oh my god Microsoft give it up already.

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Not sure I agree Thom
by charlieg on Tue 15th Jul 2014 10:38 UTC
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Bing has already happened. Bing is not far from 20% of the market in the US (something like 18% at the turn of the year) and Microsoft has deep, deep pockets.

Still, this anti-competitive streak of theirs is obviously never going to end no matter how many anti-trust suits they have to settle or get fined for.

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