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Windows Sources at the company told Paul Thurrott this week that Microsoft will soon delay the release of Windows Vista Beta 2 from December 7, 2005 to sometime in January or February 2006. However, because the Vista development schedule is extremely time constrained, the company will try and make up lost time by eliminating one of the planned release candidate (RC) milestones that were planned for later in the process.
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RE[3]: Broken design? Got proof?
by miro on Fri 11th Nov 2005 14:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Broken design? Got proof?"
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Well it all depends on how your mounts points are setup. It is nice that you can select a user who will own files on a FAT partition. I really see this only as a minor problem, there are problems on the other side too: if you had a usb stick with ext3 fs
on which a setuid application had all correct bits set a bad mount point (missing noexec) could really screw things up! So in the end be carefull not to launch anything from a medium you can't trust, no matter what OS you are using.

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